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Madhya Pradesh State Civil Service Examination is one of the toughest and most challenging examinations in the state. To ensure guaranteed success, hard-wo...

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About Course

Madhya Pradesh State Civil Service Examination is one of the toughest and most challenging examinations in the state. To ensure guaranteed success, hard-work, determination as well as a proper strategy and mentorship is the most important one. Kautilya Academy is introducing a bunch of offers for your complete study plan in which you will get MPPSC Prelims notes, MPPSC Mains notes as well as Online test series. So that you will be able to learn, achieve, and test yourself. The study material for MPPSC  by Kautilya Academy is explicitly designed under the expert guidance of hon’ble Director Mr. Shridhant Joshi and other accomplished and magnificent faculty members. Kautilya Academy provides you a total of 26 booklets (MPPSC Pre- 8 booklets and MPPSC mains – 18 booklets) for a complete postal study package. This postal study package is available in Hindi as well as in the English medium. It will be beneficial for all those students who are preparing seriously for MPPSC and want to appear in MPPSC 2021 examination. This study material is very essential along-with your preparation because until you test your knowledge you will be unable to find out your strengths and weaknesses upon which you need to work hard.

Key Features

  • For English Medium Students there are 27 Books
  • For Hindi Medium Students there are 28 Books
  • In our preliminary notes you will find the content in a precise as well as conceptual manner
  • Explicitly designed presentation to develop interest and avoid fuzziness
  • Solved Objective Brain Teaser set at the end of each chapter to boost the level of preparation
  • Uncomplicated influential language for quick and easy understanding
  • The notes have a proper linkage of subjects with current affairs to make the answers more effective than other competitors
  • We provide previous year solved papers along-with expected questions to groom up the writing skills
  • Riveting approach to developing an interest in learning using mapping/ diagrams and flowcharts
  • Annual Edition Magazine for Current Affairs
  • Explanation of complex concepts with simple and lively examples
  • Expertly designed questions for the Test series
  • The online test series has a wide range of expected and frequently asked questions for MPPSC
  • You will be provided with a description and FLT analysis after every Test series to clear your doubts and confusion

Frequently Asked Question

Definitely, Notes are prepared for keeping you updated for any exam. If you don’t follow the updated notes then you might leave out the important topic from your study material and there is a possibility that you might get a question from that topic. So updated notes increase the chance of your selection in the exam so this is the thing that every student should remember. So notes keep you updated according to the latest syllabus.
The first thing I want to say here is that if you have a thought in your mind that the more study material I will refer to, the more knowledge I will gain or better will be prepared. You need to eliminate this fact from your mind. A book has everything related to any exam but you need to read down the whole book for that. But when you follow our Kautilya Academy study notes you will get specific study material according to the exam and according to the updated syllabus. Instead what you need to do is concentrate on one source of study, to prevent the clash of thoughts and have a better understanding of each topic, so as to make your concepts/ basics concrete. Although I would also say that sometimes we do feel the requirement to refer to standard books, there is no harm in referring to them as well.
You can get these notes only in Hard Copy as you know this is the easiest way to learn. Also you can go to our youtube channel for any particular topic. Maybe in the future, we will provide you with a soft copy as well. You can buy these notes from this link:-
You can make online payment with these medium:- Credit Card or Debit Cards Internet Banking UPI

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