About Us

Kautilya Academy is India’s largest and most engaged community for online learning. Since its launch (in Sep 15), Kautilya Academy's android app has been downloaded by over 6 Million students with a rating of 4.7 on Google Play Store, and has received phenomenal response in terms of engagement and feedback of students. Kautilya Academy is currently positioned as a one stop test prep app for Banking, SSC, GATE, TET (teaching), JEE, NEET and other important exams in India. Students can ask their doubts, access study material, practice and benchmark their preparation among millions of other students. Kautilya Academy has recently launched an app for school students to find solutions for their home work

At Kautilya Academy we believe that, access to good content, when combined with the power of online communities, can make learning process significantly more collaborative and engaging, and hence much more impactful. We imagined Kautilya Academy as a place where learners can interact with each other and help each other, can access study material and other resources relevant to them, and seek guidance from experts. We really feel that such a platform can become the centre of learning for millions of students. It is this promise which forms the core of value proposition at Kautilya Academy.