MPPSC Hindi medium vs English medium.

As most of the people may know only two language choices are available for writing MPPSC exam.

As most of the people may know only two language choices are available for writing MPPSC exam. The two languages being Hindi and English the student has to pick either one of the two options.

MP is a state where Hindi is used predominantly in the day to day lives for the majority of the population. Hence, out of the total proportion of students appearing for the examination majority of them opt for the Hindi language option. However, from the last few years, a shift in this trend has been observed, as an increased number of candidates are found to be more inclined towards the English language.

There are various factors which may affect the decision of an MPPSC candidate when it comes to choosing a language medium. Some of which are listed below:-

1)Most of the coaching institutes, especially the ones in relatively smaller towns are mostly dedicated to Hindi training. Although there are a few institutes which offer English training the ratio of English to Hindi is still quite steep.

2)There is an apparent lack of resources and quality study material for MPPSC in the English language, Students in English Medium are often depended on the Hindi study material and translate it themselves to suit their requirements. However, recently new books and resources are being introduced for English.

3)As per the MPPSC examination pattern, there is a compulsory section in Mains which has to be written in Hindi only, this mandatory Hindi section includes an essay which irrespective of the opted language medium has to be written in Hindi. This is a major advantage point for Hindi medium candidates and can sometimes pose a problem to the English elective students.

We believe that the choice of language medium wholly depends on the individual candidate, and their speaking and writing abilities. Whichever option you prefer, make sure to have confidence in your language skills and preparation

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