Importance of handwriting for UPSC and MPPSC.

For any competitive examination conducted in a written format

For any competitive examination conducted in a written format, the presentation is just as important as the content of your answer. However, contrary to the popular belief Presentation is not a synonym to handwriting. Although your Handwriting constitutes the maximum part of the presentation there are still other ways in which one can substitute the lack of not having a very good but legible handwriting:

1) word spacing: Make sure that you do not write the words too close to each other in a sentence. Use the one finger rule i.e. put the words at least one finger apart from each other, practice this for some time so that you do not waste too much time on this during the examination.

2) Mind the margins: Another aspect of presentation to keep in mind is to keep your text off the margins, you have the whole page to write the answer so just move on to the next line, don’t try to squeeze that one word into the same line.

3) Keep your answer sheet clean: This is the first and foremost rule of good presentation a neat and tidy answer sheet. There are two ways in which you can keep your answer sheet clean firstly, prevent it from staining on anything on the table surface and secondly, try not to cross out too many mistakes and if you do just cut it out with a single line.

4) Avoid cursive writing: If you think you have bad handwriting then it is probably a better option for you to use block letters i.e don’t join the alphabets together use capital and lower case block letters rather than cursive writing to make your answer look more clear.

5) don’t lose confidence: At the end of the day, the examiners evaluate your answers on the basis of your understanding of the question and ability to answer it with apt knowledge. You do not need beautiful handwriting to clear UPSC as long as you have legible handwriting, thorough preparation and follow the above-stated tips you are well on your way to the UPSC victory.

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